When buying compost for herb gardens, it always helps to know which kind you should buy and how much. Successful home growers across Perth rely on high-quality organic garden compost for sale, and you can do the same to improve soil quality and give your plants the best chance of growing healthy and strong.

Let’s explore how much and what kind of compost is best for some of the most popular gardening projects.

Flower Beds

So, what is good compost for a garden of flower beds? A lot of Perth gardeners opt for organic compost made from straw, manure, and food scraps. A finely dense compost with an earthy odour boosts soil fertility and nourishes the soil with trace elements. The right amount of compost needed for a garden of flowers is about 1” for existing beds and 2” for new beds.

Remember that compost is best used in moderation to supplement the existing soil, so mix it in thoroughly and monitor the garden growth to see if you need more.

Vegetable Gardens

Growing a hearty, healthy vegetable garden is made easier with A-grade compost. Apply 1” of compost over the garden soil, mixing evenly to about 5” deep. You can also use compost as a top dressing, but keep in mind adding too much compost could be detrimental to plant growth too, so it’s all about balance.

Regular soil testing can confirm if you’re using the right amount of compost consistently for the best results.


Using compost for herb gardens and flower beds isn’t the only way you can take advantage of this natural decaying matter. Add manure compost to your lawn to keep the grass green and healthy. If you’re planting grass seed, sprinkle a light dressing of compost over the surface before watering. This will help the seeds germinate and form roots.

A 2” layer of compost should be tilled into existing soil when laying new grass sod, as it encourages deep roots and drought resistance. For top dressing existing lawns, spread ½” of compost across the lawn evenly. Water the lawn thoroughly to combine the compost with the natural soil, and then do this annually to maintain a luscious lawn.

Shrubs and Trees

What is good compost for a garden is also good for shrubs and trees. When you make the hole for these plants, use a mix of 50% soil and 50% shrub compost. The compost feeds the shrub or tree for the whole first season, keeping maintenance to a minimum while you watch these plants grow.

The right compost mixture gives shrubs and trees a head start, especially when planting in areas without a healthy soil substrate where nutrients are harder to come by. Just don’t forget to water the plants regularly so the soil doesn’t dry out.

Organic Garden Compost for Sale

Now that you know what is good compost for a garden, you can confidently stock up on the best organic garden compost for sale.

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