First-time home growers, seasoned gardeners, and everyone in between all want the same thing: a healthy, thriving garden. One thing that successful gardens have in common is the presence of compost or soil conditioner. In much the same way that many people use conditioner for their hair, soil conditioner adds an extra layer of nutrients and protection to the garden.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of soil improver and how to use soil conditioner in your home garden.

What Is Soil Conditioner?

High-quality soil conditioner is your best friend when it comes to growing healthy, vibrant plants. Soil conditioner or soil improver is a product added to soil to improve physical qualities like composition and fertility. Soil conditioner enhances aeration and soil structure and helps lock in water and nutrients. Soil conditioner also breaks up hard compacted clay soils to release locked-up nutrients.

Is Soil Conditioner the Same as Compost?

When it comes to improving soil quality, you have the choice of compost or soil conditioner. These two are closely related, as compost is an all-natural decayed organic material. Compost naturally enriches the soil and adds extra nutrients, so it’s often referred to as a soil conditioner.

While compost is one type of soil conditioner, there are other varieties out there. The term soil conditioner is used to describe any soil amendment that improves the physical properties and structure of the soil. Soil conditioner usually has smaller particles than compost too. If the material increases water holding capacity, helps with nutrient absorption, and maintains the pH level, then it’s a soil conditioner.

Benefits of Soil Conditioner

Compost or soil conditioner is your best bet when looking for a suitable soil improver. Poor soil quality negatively impacts plant health and growth potential, so anything you can do to enhance the nutritional content and nourish the soil will make a big difference.

Here are a few of the key benefits you can expect from buying bags of soil conditioner from a leading fertiliser supplier.

Breaks Down Clay Soils

Heavy clay soils in your vegetable garden are very compact, making it difficult for some plant roots to grow. Luckily, soil conditioner breaks these dense soils down so water, air, and nutrients can get through.

Better Water Retention

Soil conditioner creates healthier soil that retains water well, especially if it has a sandy composition. Soil improver helps with water drainage too, so plants aren’t waterlogged and unable to grow.

More Nutrients

Soil conditioner also helps with the retention of vital nutrients, so fertiliser treatments can be more regulated or even minimised. By promoting proper aeration, porous soil conditioner develops the ideal soil density for long-term growth.

Order Affordable Bags of Soil Conditioner

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