Cow & Sheep

All of our manure products are produced from 100% livestock manure, specifically from sheep and cattle bedded with sawdust and fodder. Manure is removed from barns and put on piles at our processing location.

The Livestock

Each of our organic fertilisers be that from cow or sheep comes from 100% livestock manure, that’s local right here in Western Australia.

The Manure is removed from sheds and fields and placed in piles for processing.

cows in a paddock, manure source
large farmed field of freshly turned soil


The manure piles are turned with an aeration machine, exposing the compost to air, which begins the composting cycle. Piles heat to temperatures of 55°C, killing weed seeds and other harmful pathogens, and are turned at least 20 times to ensure proper mixing and full composting.

When the manure is earthy in texture and smell, it is cured in a stock pile until heat is out of it and it is stable.


When curing is complete, the compost is screened to 1⁄2 or 1⁄4” particle size to ensure that no foreign objects remain.

excavators turning soil
bags of soil products


The final step is everything is bagged up and ready for delivery.

Our Compost Process

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