Planting Seeded Lawns

Apply a light dressing of compost over planted grass seed; then water. The compost will help your seed germinate and take root.

Laying Sod Lawns

Compost makes an excellent soil bed for new grass sod, encourag- ing grass to root deeply and making lawns more drought-resistant. Add 2” of compost and till into existing soil.

manicured lawn on a sunny day
Top Dressing Existing Lawns

Adding a thin layer of compost to your existing lawn helps maintain or improve your lawn’s long-term soil health. Before spreading, we recommend aerating the area. Spread a 1⁄2” of compost evenly over the area using a leaf rake or dressing machine. After application, water thoroughly to help integrate the added compost with the ex- isting soil. We recommend adding this annually to help ensure the quality of your lawn.

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