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Considering buying cow manure in bulk? You’ve come to the right place as Garden in a Bag has the best cow manure for sale in Perth. Our all-natural cow manure compost is the secret to successful flower and vegetable gardens, so order yours today and take advantage of our cow manure wholesale prices.

Nutrient-Rich Cow Manure Compost

One of the best things about cow manure bulk buying with Garden in a Bag is the 100% pure plant nutrients. Like sheep manure, cow manure boosts water retention and plant nutrient levels, improving soil quality in the process. Cow manure is more acidic than sheep manure, so it’s perfect for plant species needing a lower pH.  Also, the beneficial bacteria in cow manure compost converts nutrients into energy that can be stored and slowly released into the soil, protecting tender plant roots from damage.

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Garden in a Bag has high-quality cow manure for sale, so you can order online and stock up on garden essentials today.

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Cow Manure Benefits

Our organic cow manure is pulverised into a fine powdery material, so it’s super easy to mix in with soil for a lump-free finish. It also works as a mulch barrier that keeps water levels under control to ensure plants and lawns are hydrated but not oversaturated. Plus, composted cow manure has minimal weed seeds and works as a great all-purpose fertiliser, so you can use it throughout your entire yard.

Cow Manure Wholesale Options

When it comes to buying cow manure in bulk, Garden in a Bag is the preferred choice thanks to our high-quality organic fertilisers and fast, reliable delivery services across greater Perth. Our competitive prices on cow manure for sale, combined with our unique process that locks in the most nutrients in this fine fertiliser, make Garden in a Bag a great investment.


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