Why Choose Garden in a Bag Perth?

Delivered right to your door, Garden in a Bag is a 100% all-natural fertiliser perfect for lawns and gardens. We proudly offer fast, convenient, and FREE delivery on orders for 5 or more bags over $65 in the inner Perth metro area. Free delivery is usually within 1 – 10 working days.

We happily deliver to outer metro areas too, although there are longer wait times and higher order minimums for free delivery. Terms and conditions apply*.

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Best  Manure Compost in Perth

Compost is made through natural, biological processes, where existing organic matter breaks down and produces rich humus. Especially when made from 100% manure, such as sheep or cow.  Compost makes an incredibly rich soil additive and is packed with nutrients and a wealth of advantages for your soil that your garden will love.

What Manure Compost Does For Your Soil

  • Improves Root Zone Aeration

    Healthy soil is a living, breathing ecosystem. Adding compost to heavy soils lightens the soil, improving air and water infiltration, ultimately resulting in stronger plants.
  • Increases Water Retention

    Compost is like a sponge, increasing soil water-holding capacity. The more water your soils can hold, the fewer irrigation requirements you have and the lower the risk of drought.
  • Adds Abundant Nutrients

    Plant growth depends on the availability of essential nutrients – especially nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Adding compost is like giving your plants a buffet selection of all critical nutrients, which helps your garden grow and stay healthy.
  • Improves Soil Structure

    Compost improves soil organic matter and overall soil structure, making a healthy garden bed for your vegetables and flowers to thrive. Plus, it becomes more resistant to erosion and compaction.
  • Outperforms Chemical Fertilisers

    Inorganic fertilisers may promote quick growth benefits, but 100% natural compost introduces micronutrients and microbes that sustain plant growth in the long term.

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Benefits of Garden in a Bag

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