The best mulch for gardens can help you reach your gardening goals. Perth gardens need proper mulch to stay healthy and grow, and there are several types of mulch to choose from. Let’s look at the different kinds and sizes of mulch and which ones are best for certain applications and climates.

What Is Mulch?

Before delving into all the mulch varieties out there, you may be wondering “What is mulch?” Mulch is a layer of material placed on surface soil to retain moisture, suppress weed growth, keep the soil cool, and maintain a good garden structure. The best mulch for gardens is organic matter, which provides natural nutrients to boost soil quality and fertility. In other words, mulch is a key component of low-maintenance gardening. It saves big-time on watering and weeding so you can instead focus on growing your garden to new heights.

Types of Mulch?

Now that you know the answer to “What is mulch?”, you may be wondering “How much mulch do I need?” That depends on which kind you choose. There are several organic types of mulch recommended by garden specialists, such as straw mulch and wood chips. Dried grain plants, wood chips, and shredded bark can help fertilise the garden by decomposing and replenishing nutrient levels. While this natural boost to plant growth is great, keep in mind that organic mulch needs to be topped up, ideally every month.

Here at Garden in a Bag, these are a few of our bestselling mulch varieties.

Pine Bark Mulch

Pine bark mulch is made from Australian pine trees and is one of the longest-lasting organic mulches out there. Nuggets of shredded pine bark have a rich red-dark brown colour to keep your garden looking attractive, while the lightweight material is easy to use. Just keep in mind that pine bark is lightweight and naturally buoyant, so it’s best used in flat areas rather than slopes where the exposure to wind and rain is greater.

Pine bark mulch is good for acid-loving plants, and it adds aluminium to garden soil for lush green, leafy growth. Pine bark helps to retain moisture and protect plants from extreme temperatures and soil-borne diseases, so it’s a worthwhile addition to home gardens.

Jungle Mulch

Jungle mulch has a rich dark colour and is made from recycled crushed green waste, composted organics, peat, and forest bark. This medium-coarse mulch minimizes water evaporation and adds plant nutrients as it decomposes. It’s hardy enough to stand up to the elements and even regulates soil temperature by creating an insulation layer.

Many home growers choose jungle mulch because it suppresses pathogens, controls weed growth, and reduces erosion. Jungle mulch has a smooth textured finish and works in all garden areas.

More Mulch Options

While pine bark and jungle mulch are undeniably popular, you can also explore A-grade compost, mushroom compost, barley straw, pea straw, and bentonite for mulching your garden. If you find a reputable source of organic matter and stock up on mulch regularly, you can look forward to a healthier garden.

Mulch Suppliers Near Me

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