A finely screened and fully fertilized to revitalize turf.  Garden in a bag Premium and Organic Turf Topper for top dressing or pre planting, designed to improve soil profile and boost turf growth. Great for that patchy lawn too. Contains wetting agent, slow-release nitrogen and finely screened mature compost. Boosts growth, color, soil fertility and water holding capacity. Use straight from the bag with no further additives required.

Topdressing is a method used in lawn care, and is the application of sand or a soil mix to the surface of your lawn. It is used to level out small indentations in the lawn and create a smooth level surface across the lawn. After mowing, Berti-mowing or scarifying, spread our turf topper over the surface of the lawn. Work into the leaf mat using the back of a rake & water well. Containing fine composts and manures it supplies organic matter to build the soil, coarse river sand, plus minerals to promote water and nutrient holding, and trace elements.

For a new lawn, we recommend a minimum depth of no less than 5cms and not more than 20cms.  10cms is the ideal to promote good root depth.

For top dressing, no more than 1cm depth is required.  Ideally aerate the soil, then spread top dress lightly and rake it over the soil.  Water well. Apply every 3 months, and without fail in mid-spring & autumn.