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Mixed Manures – 60L Bag

$15.00 Inc GST

All the work done for you with this pre-mixed manures. An all purpose fertiliser consisting of Sheep manure, Cow manure and chicken manure in just the right quantities.

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Garden in a Bag Mixed Manure consists of Chicken, Cow and Sheep Manure – pulverised for easy application. It’s an all-purposes organic fertiliser, suitable for fertilising trees, shrubs, lawn, vegetables and flower gardens – with the exception of Azealia’s, Camellia’s, Ferns and Australian Native Plants. Garden in a Bag Mixed Manure encourages vigorous and healthy plant growth. Our Mixed Manure is composted and screened and can be used as a general fertiliser, soil conditioner or soil improver.

ADDITIONAL PERFORMANCE BENEFITS: * Enhances root development by improving soil structure * Improves soil aeration and water retention in sandy soils * Increases soil humus, which enhances soil structure * Increases water penetration and reduces water run-offs in soils * Provides a natural source of nitrogen * Reduces the loss of nutrients from the soil * Increases the activity of macro and microorganisms in the soil

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