Garden In A Bag is an online store that stocks a variety of organic fertilizers and soil amendments for use in home gardens and other outdoor spaces.


Producing quality garden product

Providing the right environment for plant growth is the key to producing quality garden produce. We stock a range of organic fertilizers and soil amendments, which can be used together to provide the best possible growing conditions in your garden.

Giving you a complete service

We offer everything you need to make your garden grow, from eco-friendly fertilizers to organic pest control solutions. You’ll find everything you need on our website, so you can spend less time shopping and more time tending to your plants.

Making gardening easier

We’re a company that’s passionate about helping you grow anything without a garden!

Happy and healthy plants for you

We believe that plants should be happy and healthy just like animals. We use composted and aged chicken manure with hay as fertilizer to give your plants the best nutrients and minerals.

Effective and efficient composting process

Since chickens are raised in closed barns and free-range farms, they’re never exposed to harsh elements or subjected to antibiotics, making their manure perfect for composting. Our fertilizer is processed in high-tech facilities so there’s no unpleasant odor – giving you peace of mind!

 Start your garden now!

With a few clicks, we can deliver our all-natural fertilizer right the way to your doorstep. It’s affordable, odorless, efficient – everything you need for an effective and efficient gardening experience.